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24 Hour Service

For your safety and convenience Onsite Drug Testing of New England offers an afterhours collection service.

How to use our 24-Hour Service:

  1. Page the collector on call at 603-517-2131
  2. The supervisor and the employee meet the collector at Onsite Drug Testing of NE or a mutually agreed upon site, site testing proceeds according to protocol.

How do you know when your employee is subject to a post-accident drug screen?

When your company policy requires it or you fit the description in the chart below.

Up Dated: November 2002
Type of accident involved Citation issued to CMV driver Test MUST be required by Employer
I. Human fatality Yes Yes
No Yes
II. Bodily injury with immediate medical treatment away from the scene Yes Yes
No No
III. Disabling damage to any motor vehicle requiring tow away Yes Yes
No No

See FMCSR Book for extenuating circumstances. 382.303 Section H.

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